East Meets Mid-Western

Robyn and Diane forged a musical relationship in 1997 while developing the Christian band Tehillah.  Their musical relationship would soon turn into one of those "life" friendships.

Robyn carried with her 20+ years experience in Christian music ministry.  Diane was the worship leader in her home church and had experience playing in secular venues.  Both were songwriters.  Both creative.  Both exhibited the same off beat sense of humor.  Both had a passion to use their musical gifts to glorify Jesus.  Robyn played keyboards and Diane rocked on the guitar.  Their voices blended like siblings.  Robyn hailed from the mid-west while Diane's hometown was Brooklyn, NY.  Twin sisters of different mothers with no resemblance whatsoever yet there was a connection.  Go figure.  A chemistry.  Lucy and Ethel.  A synergy where the sum was greater than the parts.  It was certainly a God-incident that they met.  Since their meeting, Robyn and Diane have been privileged to minister to a diverse spectrum of congregations.

Today, both live in states that begin with "N" (Robyn in Nebraska and Diane in New York).  Despite the distance between them, they continue to work through the ministry of Tehillah and as a duo with a calling to minister through music the good news of Jesus Christ.
"Having spoken at  conferences many times where Robyn & Diane lead, it never ceases to amaze me  that their music, often original, reflects the same message God has placed on my heart.  They are well tuned to the Master's voice and a pure joy to minister with."

Virelle Kidder--author, conference speaker and host of
                       "Real  Life," WDCD FM Albany, NY