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Robyn and Diane have joined forces with gifted speaker Carolyn Tobias and are available as a team to minister at your next retreat, conference, or event.


Carolyn Tobias is a conference and seminar speaker with over 30 years of Bible teaching, classroom teaching, teacher training, and counseling experience.  She has previously served as the Spiritual Life Director at a large Christian school in Omaha, NE. 

Carolyn's passion is to help people both grasp spiritual truth and apply it in practical ways to every aspect of their lives.  From the bomb shelters of nothern Israel to the struggles of everyday life, she has personally had the opportunities to learn to trust God to cause her to thrive in every situation she faces, including her husband's current battle with cancer.


“Becoming Women Who Worship with their Lips AND with their Lives” - This three-part presentation uses the biblical truths contained in Robyn and Diane's music to exhort and instruct women to live lives that worship and honor the Lord, and that impact the world around them.

“Redeeming the Pain of the Past” - This is Carolyn's personal testimony of lessons learned from her heavenly Father is spite of parents who provided a neglect-filled, pressure-to-perform childhood and home life. The joy of the Lord and Carolyn's sense of humor balance this tale of triumph over trial. It is an encouraging message of hope and purpose born in the midst of difficulties and a hard environment.

“Cultivating Rich Relationships” - From warm and fuzzy to piercing and painful, relationships can be either enriching or challenging. Establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with those near and dear to us is not an easy task in our fast-paced lives.  This three-part series is filled with biblical principles and personal stories from Carolyn's life as a busy wife, mother, grandmother and speaker who has moved 16 times in her 40 years of marriage - and enjoyed precious, meaningful relationships along the way.

“How to Thrive - Not Just Survive - in Turbulent and Trying Times” - Difficult times eventually come to each of us. While not necessarily pleasant, they can be rewarding experiences - if we grasp the lessons that be learned from them. This is a three-part practical presentation of peace-producing principles that free us from fearful responses in times of tribulation or trial. This series teaches listeners to view difficulties as a "laboratory for life" where both relational and overcoming skills can be developed - skills that will be beneficial both now and in days to come.

“Beautiful in God's Eyes” - Our culture defines beauty in its terms, and then tries to force us to conform to its unattainable standard.  This presentation examines both the inner beauty and exterior countenance of a woman whose heart pursues God, rather than glamour.


“Five Responses to Authority” - This is a study of the motives, attitudes and actions of your children, your students and yourself.  Defining obedience and teaching your children how to obey may be the most important lesson they (or you) will ever learn.  This six-part seminar uses a unique visual format to present scriptural concepts of obedience in a manner that facilitates both an understanding and the immediate application of the truths and principles discussed, resulting in lives that are forever changed.  Hundreds have attended and been helped by this seminar.  Many have commented, "I came to get my child or students 'fixed' and found out that I was really the problem!" (NOTE: This study can be presented by Carolyn, or by both Carolyn and her husband, Jerry.)

“Raising and Releasing Your Children to the Purposes of God” - This session will equip you to help your children understand and accept that God uniquely created each one of them.  When children realize that their God-given talents and abilities are a part of God’s plan and purposes for their lives, they are less vulnerable to negative peer pressure and confusion about their place in the world…and in the Body of Christ. (NOTE: This study can be presented by Carolyn, or by both Carolyn and her husband, Jerry.)

“How to Parent or Grandparent in Your Prayer Closet” – This primer for mothers of all ages proves useful whether your children are still living at home or are out on their own.  Some things can be taught or trained into a child's life, but others are imparted by the Holy Spirit.  Through prayer, we can be used as tools of righteousness in the lives of our children, grandchildren, and other children around us.


- The Role of Spiritual Warfare in Classroom Management
- Unity: Don't leave home without it!
- Conflict Resolution 101
- Getting Parents on Your Team
- Curtailing Greed and Gossip
- Keeping Jesus Your Focus…and Your Prayer Life Consistent
- Effectively Loving and Reaching the Unlovely Students - and their Parents

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