Press Release
June 10, 2008: Diane Riegal been selected as a nominee for the 2008 Independent Singer Songwriters Award Contest, an international competition supporting the disciplines of songwriting, musicianship and performance. Songs are judged by diverse panel of judges including Grammy and Billboard award winners, music industry professionals, musicians, music buyers and fans.
2009 - 12th Annual Unisong Songwriting Contest
I Won't Be Shaken    Gospel / Christian
by Diane Riegal    Livingston Manor, New York, USA

Oct. 2009 - "We Believe" written by Diane Riegal featured Song of the Month by the Christian Songwriter's Network

2008 Semi-Finalist UK Songwriting Contest
Christian/Faith Category
Diane Riegal
I Won't Be Shaken

2009 Semi-Finalist UK Songwriting Contest'
Christian/Faith Category
Diane Riegal/Robyn Lensch
The Better Road